About Us

Cooperative societies are socio-economic organisation formed for common benefit of the members under the legal provisions of the concerned state. Aim and objects of the society may be different form society to society. Main purpose of these societies is socio-economic development of the weaker section.

The Sahu Cooperative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. is a cooperative credit society registered with the Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Delhi bearing registration no. 6(T/C)N-East dated 23 October, 1994. This society runs under the provisions of Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 2003, Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 2007, its registered byelaws and business policy framed by the General Body of the society. The aim and objects of the society are to undertake thrift & credit business amongst its members only. The society caters not only financial needs of its members, but also works for social, cultural and educational development of the members and their dependants.


What's New

  • Door Step Facility to members
  • SMS alerts on financial transaction between member and society
  • Gold and Cash Credit Loan Facility
  • Paperless transaction system